Integrated Point of Sale


MaxiCharge streamlines payment processing in your office by automatically entering your POS (Point of Sale) payment information directly into Maxident and eliminating payment balancing activities.

MaxiCharge simplifies payment processing to make day-to-day activities more efficient and balancing activities a thing of the past! MaxiCharge reduces your merchant costs, instantly increases your profitability, and eliminates the need to double enter payments!

What’s more, MaxiCharge will:

Save Money

Reduces your merchant costs.

Increase Profit

Instantly increases your profitability.

Save Time

Eliminates the need to manually enter payment information into Denturist Maxident.

Decrease Error

Saves times and eliminates the opportunity for human error.

Balance Payments

Assures that your payments always balance, automatically.

How it works

  • Simply insert the chipped card into the merchant machine.
  • Denturist Maxident will identify what type of card it is, (VISA, MasterCard, Interac) automatically.
  • Once the transaction is approved, the approval number is printed on the Maxident receipt.


  • Your day-end and month-end bank deposit will balance automatically.
  • No more payment entries in your POS system, then into Maxident.
  • 100% PCI-Compliance and increased security.
  • Guaranteed to provide you with rate comparisons on demand.

Elavon is Denturist MaxiDent’s preferred supplier for secure, reliable payment processing

Members are eligible to receive an exclusive discount for processing onsite, online and on the go transactions. Connect with Elavon by submitting a form on our benefit supplier’s page (landing page), to learn about the options available to meet your unique business needs and take advantage of your members-only discounted pricing.