2020, what a year! When I wrote my previous “Letter From the CEO”, I couldn’t even have imagined in my wildest dreams that our world would change this much. As everyone continues to navigate the periodic lockdowns and uncertainty, dental clinics are struggling to remain open, operate optimally with the additional PPE and the enhanced IPAC guidelines and battle increased concerns from patients about proceeding with required treatment, or even continuing their preventative treatment.

In this new year, I am hoping we will all be able to not only react and adapt but look at this situation as an opportunity to take your clinic even further. In the passing year, we’ve seen an unprecedented number of clinics switch their processes to minimize touchpoints with surfaces for the safety of patients and staff. Incorporating digital forms for pre-screening (finally), implementing digital charting, switching to a digital phone system and a variety of integrations between existing systems. As the leader of a technology company, I am extremely excited about the new upcoming tools.

Despite the immense uncertainty of 2020, we were able to establish multiple new partnerships and be able to deliver to dental clinics intelligent services to help them with their daily challenges. Here’s a partial list of last year’s highlights:

  1. Cyclone Systems – Through a strategic partnership with the national IT company, all clinics have access to the following services:
    1. VoIP – Digital phone system for dental clinics with over 80 features. The best part: the system can be integrated with MaxiCaller to enhance the efficiency of front staff and provide better patient service.
    2. Business Internet – It became evident in the passing year that the quality of your internet is instrumental to your business. Having a solid and reliable internet connection is key for business continuity and it is available to you at a preferred rate.
    3. Ransomware Protection – Global statistics claim a ransomware attack occurs every 16 seconds. From personal experience, ransomware is a real threat to your business and the frequency with which dental clinics are impacted by it continues to rise.
  2. EasyRX – Tracking lab work has never been easier! EasyRX is a universal lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D cloud software. Take control of all your lab work, at all stages and with all labs, from one centralized place. The integration to the cloud platform allows you to see patients’ lab work directly in MaxiDent and ensure optimal booking.
  3. Elavon – On top of the lowest credit card processing in Canada, we’re enhancing our strategic partnership and will be offering online payments through Elavon’s portal. The ability to send patients, individually or in bulk, a request for payment will do wonders for your A/Rs and will free up your administrative staff to focus on booking more patients in your schedule.
  4. BlueJay Reviews – Their online reputation platform is a must for clinics who want to ensure they will organically attract new patients and grow their patient base. The platform is integrated with MaxiDent, which means we’ve automated this process for you, so you and your team can focus on what matters most – your patients.

This year, we will be launching a new patient engagement platform, which works with all major dental software. This platform is a fully automated system for your appointment, re-care and reactivation needs. In addition to this, it has the ability to create highly customizable and secure online forms for your patients. You can use the forms for your pre-screening, new patient form, medical questionnaire and much more. If you are interested in exploring this new platform, please stay tuned for its launch, tentatively set for the first quarter of 2021. 

As in the past year, I will be offering 25 free 1-hour strategic sessions to clinic owners. I’ve received great feedback from past sessions and want to make sure I am able to help more owners with their purpose, vision and strategy. The help that a business perspective provides a clinic owner is invaluable and urge you to take advantage of it – especially in today’s uncertain environment. 

The endurance and willpower I have observed in our industry is nothing but inspirational! I am confident in our ability to weather this storm and come out on the other side stronger, smarter and with more personal connections (mainly digital, but still valuable). 


Stay safe and talk soon!



Alex Zlatin

CEO Maxim Software Systems (MaxiDent)


1-800-663-7199 ext. 204