I cannot believe that I am writing another “Letter From the CEO”. It feels like it was just yesterday when I wrote my last one. So many things happened, yet what I am most excited about is what’s to come. Although the challenges we are all facing are not going away, I am extremely optimistic about 2023 and how it will help shape the future of Canada, and dentistry in particular. Like every year so far, we have been working hard on innovation and new tools and services. Our one guiding principle in our development process is the creation of value for patients, dental professionals and clinics.

2022 has been a monumental year for us, where we have expanded the services that we provide beyond software and business consulting. These are exciting times for us, and I am thrilled to share it with you:

    • U R DU Appointment Services – After acquiring this company in early 2022, we have been able to already double the number of offices that enjoy a fuller schedule. Our team of Canadian dental professionals calls your patients and books their necessary appointments. Whether recall appointments or treatment, you can rely on the experience and knowledge of our team to get those appointments booked! For this service to be beneficial to the max, you must have sufficient chair time, adequate provider coverage, and long enough patient lists. If that describes your clinic, please reach out to us, so we can help you keep your chairs full.
    • EngageB – After a lengthy development, I am proud to introduce our first web application. EngageB is a patient communication service, which utilizes emails and text messages, combined with intelligent and highly customizable automation capabilities, to engage with your patients. It saves them and your staff time, allowing for a fuller schedule and minimized cancellations and no-shows. Among other things, one of our unique features is the ability to create an unlimited number of campaigns. Consider patients who have outstanding treatment and enough insurance remaining. Communicating with them in a consistent manner will ensure you are able to remind them of their coverage in the context of the necessary treatment they require. You can program this to be sent automatically, without the need for you to think about it repeatedly every year. And, this is just the “tip of the iceberg”, when it comes to what you would be able to achieve with EngageB!
    • Website Building – It still amazes me that even in 2023, many dental professionals do not have a proper website. We have decided to utilize our internal resources and create a service for dental professionals to have a modern-looking website without the major upfront costs. Our team will collaborate with you and your team to create a fancy looking website, in line with your branding and vision, for a flat monthly fee. If you still do not have a website, or you feel your website should be refreshed, I urge you to reach out to us and explore what we can do for you and your clinic.
    • Online Booking – I am thrilled to announce that this long-awaited feature is now complete and is available for you to implement. With the progression of technology and the evolving needs of patients, online booking is the natural next step for your patients and your clinic. Giving patients the freedom to book their own appointment themselves, without disrupting your scheduling processes, is a way to empower them and reduce the administrative overhead from your front team. The appearance of being modern and “up to snuff” does not hurt to attract new patients as well.

I believe in the year 2023 to bring a new and rejuvenated approach to how we do things. I cannot wait to continue connecting with many owners of clinics in Canada and help them level up their clinic for the benefit of their patients and all Canadians, coast to coast to coast.


Stay great and talk soon!



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Alex Zlatin


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