Replace your paper charts with ease using MaxiChart™ electronic dental charting software…and improve consistency, accuracy and retrieval of patient data… create and manage patient treatment plans and plan priorities effortlessly… and reduce paper, or even go completely paperless.


Choose from over 30 different paths to customize your perio charting, and use the method you prefer to maximize your efficiency. Then, boost your productivity even more—while assuring full infection control—with:

  • Hands-free

    Completely hands-free charting using a headset and voice activation.

  • No Stress

    No need to use a keyboard, no need to remove your gloves.

  • Clean

    No contamination of the sterile environment while you update your charts.

Use MaxiChart electronic dental charting software to increase the speed and accuracy of charting, eliminate charting errors, and increase your productivity in just a few clicks. What’s more, it is fun and easy to use.


MaxiChart’s cutting edge technologies make patient charting portable, giving you the freedom to move about the office for diagnosis, treatment, and convenient patient consultation. Use it to:

  • Update

    Update patient charts quickly and easily.

  • Manage

    Create and manage patient treatment plans and plan priorities effortlessly.

  • Voice dictation

    Use voice dictation to enter notes. Assure your notes are correct and always complete. Improve patient communications.

  • Electronic signature

    Obtain patient consent faster. Capture patient signatures electronically to store treatment consents on file for your records.

  • Improve health

    Improve patient health and satisfaction.

  • Easy

    Easily fill empty slots.

And if all that it is not enough… with MaxiChart, find a system that adapts itself to your style of dentistry and workflow, to improve productivity and data accuracy.

Practice Owner

Find and mine the gold hidden in your practice! When your clinicians use MaxiChart to create and update charts electronically, your patient information is at your fingertips:

  • Quick

    Quickly find patients with treatment plans or consents on file.

  • Track

    Track patients who have periodontal pockets deeper than the value ‘X’ to find patients who need oral health help.

  • Find

    Find patients with unused insurance, renewed insurance or insurance approvals on file.

  • Schedule

    Book your schedule months in advance.

Use MaxiChart electronic dental charting software to access patient information instantly to book more appointments and boost your income.


Innovative, intelligent and powerful, MaxiChart is state-of-the-art charting software with revolutionary artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technologies, and unparalleled features and benefits.

  • Point / Click / Talk / Touch charting with: Touch screen and tablet design and Voice activation
  • Artificial intelligence that learns your procedure codes
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Geometric and anatomical views
  • Customizable screen colours and graphics
  • Customizable periodontal charting
  • Hands-free charting for full infection control during perio charting
  • Custom and predefined chart noting capability
  • Ability to save progress notes or commit them later
  • Automatic notification if patient chart notes are not completed by end of day
  • Automatic conversion of charted treatment into procedure codes
  • Treatment plan printouts for patients
  •  Add-on to Maxident practice management software

Hardware Specifications

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